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What Does Web Design Cost?

January 11, 2009 Web Design

A common question, also known as ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Several times every week I receive enquiries from prospective customers simply asking what my prices are. No specification, feature requests or style influences from their side, just one simple question for me to go on. This article should shed some light on […]

The Ultimate List of CSS Galleries

September 22, 2008 CSS, Web Design

CSS galleries showcase the best designed websites the web has to offer, built using CSS (cascading style sheets). They are a great resource for design inspiration, and also to promote your existing website – so long as it’s designed well enough!

A Note About Speculative Design Work

May 4, 2008 Web Design

One of the most common questions I receive as part of a website design quotation request is to provide a speculative design before commencing work. Such requests frequently go something like: “Can you show me what the finished website will look like?” “Can you show me a preview?” “Can you submit one page for approval […]