The Ultimate List Of Places To Submit Your WordPress Theme

January 7, 2009 Link Building, wordpress, wordpress themes

I’m been on a binge of producing WordPress themes over the last few weeks and need to find places to show them off. If you are also looking for good places to submit your WordPress theme, try these websites.

Over 100 websites and counting

Note: Inclusion on this list doesn’t mean I endorse them. In fact, some of these websites are just plain rubbish but they get traffic, and the more eyes on your template the better.

Another note: These are all tested and working as of January 7, 2009.

  1. ABC Templates
  2. All My Themes
  3. Best Of Themes
  4. Best WP Themez
  5. BG Themes
  6. Blogger AZ
  7. Bloggeries Forum
  8. Blogging Themes
  9. Blogs Theme
  10. Blogs Theme CC
  11. Chromatic
  12. Demon Themes
  13. Dev Hunters Forum
  14. Dino Themes
  15. E Blog Templates
  16. Free Blog Templates
  17. Free Blog Design
  18. Free Layouts
  19. Free Site Templates
  20. Free Web Templates
  21. Free WordPress Themes
  22. Free WordPress Theme Blog
  23. Free WordPress Theme Info
  24. Fresheezy
  25. Go Themes
  26. Hot WordPress Themes
  27. iThemes
  28. iWebNet
  29. JohnTP’s List – This is an old blog postthat he’s not updating; new themes are announced in the comments. I’m not sure how likely you are to succed via this site.
  30. Kate’s Theme Viewer
  31. Leonaut
  32. LoopPress
  33. Mantis-A
  34. Mix Template
  35. My Green Corner
  36. My WP Themes
  37. New WP Themes
  38. OS Skins
  39. Premium WP
  40. Satinder Info
  41. Sweet SP
  42. Talk Themes
  43. Template Download
  44. Template For Free
  45. Templates Forums
  46. Templates Free
  47. Template Panic
  48. Themes Base
  49. Theme Boss
  50. Theme Bot
  51. Themes Buzz
  52. Theme Express
  53. Themes Junction
  54. Theme Revue
  55. Themes Pack
  56. ThemesPluginsWP
  57. Themes Preview
  58. Theme Tube
  59. Theme WP
  60. Themes WP
  61. Theme Zoo
  62. Themez
  63. Top WordPress Theme
  64. Top WordPress Gallery
  65. V7N Forums
  66. Web2Feel
  67. WebFrap
  68. Weblog Tools Collection – Announce your new theme via the News section
  69. Webmaster Talk Forums
  70. We Love WP
  71. Widget Ready Themes
  72. WordPress Codex – Registration is required. Announce your theme in the Theme Compatibility list.
  73. WordPress Forum – Adhere to the forum rules before listing your theme or it will be deleted.
  74. WordPress Official Theme Directory – A strict code of standards to adhere to and long waiting times for approval. If a theme is rejected they usually give you a one-liner explaining why, which is helpful.
  75. WordPress Skins CC
  76. WordPress Theme
  77. WordPress Theme Base
  78. WordPress Themes Archive
  79. W Themes
  80. WP Candy
  81. WP Cube
  82. WP Garden
  83. WP Point
  84. WP Portfolio
  85. WP Salon
  86. WP Skins
  87. WP Snap
  88. WP Templates .org
  89. WP Theme
  90. WP Themes IN
  91. WP Themes ZA
  92. WP Themes Free
  93. WP Themes 4 Free
  94. WP Themes .me
  95. WP Themes Park
  96. WP Themes Galore
  97. WP Theme Heap
  98. WP Themez
  99. WP Zoom
  100. XHTML Valid
  101. ZCed


  1. Thank you for posting a comprehensive list. Creating templates for popular software such as WordPress can be an excellent method to build back links and increase your online exposure, It will be good if you can also provide a list for Joomla templates.

  2. Karthick 8 years

    hi, this is a great list, Please add to this list

  3. Karthick 8 years

    You have a great list. I would like to add my site to your wordpress theme submission list.

  4. MOin Amjad 8 years

    One more good site to submit your WordPress themes is WpSkinner Theme Showcase. Submitting themes is free and easy

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