Having a great-looking website is essential for any business, but a great website is useless if no-one sees it! ‘Search engine optimisation’ (known as ‘SEO’) is an iterative process which improves your website’s ranking and positioning in search engine results.

As well of taking care of internal changes to allow your website to perform better in search engine results, MB Web Design can also provide consultation on external strategies to drive traffic to your website.

What we do

Each client’s requirements are unique, so there is no ‘cookie cutter’ technique to generate results.

Keyword and market research We don’t do anything without establishing how search users expect to find your business, its products and its services. Sometimes the obvious search phrases are not viable to target. We always recommend the most cost-effective goals.

On-site SEO Your website needs to perform well in search engine results while still catering to your target market. We ensure your website content does not suffer from “keyword stuffing” and other techniques that could fall foul of Google’s filtering, while also pitching each page as perfectly as possible towards the that page’s specific search niche.

Technical work Slow-loading pages, incorrect code and outdated systems are among the main reasons why a website might not perform. We can advise on technical and aesthetic changes to your website to improve its usability for visitors and search engines alike.

Competitor analysis and monitoring From the beginning, we keep our eyes on what your competitors are doing. The top ranked websites for your search phrases are obviously doing something right! We analyse what they are doing well, where their web links are coming from, and what they are saying on their website to perform so well in the search results. Armed with this information, we can attempt to not just match but better their efforts.

Link building Link building forms the largest part of your monthly outlay. We only seek high quality links on behalf of our clients. There are several ways to do this correctly, but even more ways to do it badly! Beware of SEO companies who merely outsource your link building to the lowest bidder, or merely purchase links outright. All link building is achieved in-house. We look for legitimate, organic ways to grow the number of links pointing to you. Remember, it is not solely about the quantity of links pointing to your website, it is vitally important to seek relevant and authoritative web links.

Content development Relevant, current content is important to encourage repeat visits from web visitors and the search engines. Where appropriate, we can help you generate this content each month.

Attracting “long tail” search traffic Generic search phrases are often difficult (in terms of time, and resultantly financially) to compete for. Longer, more specific terms stand a far better chance of success while still accurately describing the products and services that your business offers.

Linking strategies For companies that employ multiple websites, we implement a company-wide linking strategy to best divert the eyes of your customers and the search engines to your most important pages.

Analytics tracking For large campaigns, Analytics tracking is employed to assess which of your top ranked search phrases are generating the most traffic, or creating the highest customer conversion rate. Where appropriate, we can then determine whether SEO for certain phrases provides sufficient value for money to continue pursuing.

In-house recommendations Wherever opportunities present themselves we can advise on things that you can do in-house to help with the SEO effort. For example, encouraging companies that work closely with the company to link back to you, or ensuring that press releases are supplied with an appropriate URL for web links.

How we work

We conduct an initial phone consultation to establish which markets your business operates in, and what your goals are. Using this information we conduct keyword research and prepare a proposal; if you specify a budget we will let you know what is feasible to achieve.

Alternatively, if you already know which search phrases you wish to target, tell us and we will provide a monthly estimate.

A typical SEO contract lasts a minimum of 12 months and is invoiced by the month.

End of contract review

At the end of each contract a review is provided detailing what progress has been made and a revised budget quotation for your contract for the coming contract period,  should you wish to continue. The budget needs to be reviewed to take into account factors such as;

  • New competitors entering the market
  • Changes to search engine algorithms
  • Adjusting the search phrases targeted to reflect your current products, services and company direction

Contact us to request a callback to discuss how we can help you.