How Does Ordering A Website Work?

How Does Ordering A Website Work?

Some common questions we ask to clients in order to put together an accurate quotation

  • What function should your website serve? A brochure, a place to sell your goods online, or something else?
  • Roughly how many pages do you think you’ll require? Other than the home page, common examples include a company information page, product list, price list, contacts page and FAQ.
  • Can you list any relevant websites to your enquiry? Websites you like the look of, or your local competitors
  • Do you have a domain name and/or website hosting already?
  • Are you comfortable managing the website yourself, or will you need someone on board to take care of technical issues later on?

Quotations take one of two forms – self-managed and managed. Frequently, a quotation will be provided for both, and you are then able to determine which best fits your requirements


This is the recommended option for most businesses. The advantage of this approach is that ongoing maintenance issues are taken care of as part of your affordable annual fee – support issues are handled, backups are taken every three months, your website is submitted to Google and your website gets upgraded once a year!

  • An affordable annual fee to develop and maintain your website
  • MB Web Design takes care of:
    • Domain name registration
    • Website hosting
    • Ongoing support via telephone and email is included
    • Quarterly backups of your website
    • Website visitor tracking
    • A complimentary annual website upgrade
    • Submission of your website to Google and other search engines
  • Any/all ongoing support is included in the price.
  • Maintenance or further development, which is not considered a support issue provided by MB Web Design, is a separate charge subject to our current hourly rate.


Self-managed quotations are suitable for businesses who have an established domain name and website hosting provider, who are confident they can deal with ongoing maintenance such as backing up the website and addressing technical support problems if they occur. Therefore this form of quotation is only recommended for people who are IT-literate or small businesses with dedicated IT support personnel.

  • A one-time-only fee for developing your website
  • The client is responsible for
    • Website hosting
    • Domain name registration
    • Technical support issues (e.g. email reliability, backups)
    • Ongoing maintenance
    • Submitting your website to Google and other search engines
  • Any/all ongoing support and maintenance provided by MB Web Design is a separate charge subject to our current hourly rate.