E-Commerce Web Design With Shopify

E-Commerce Web Design With Shopify

Bespoke e-commerce websites take a long time to develop, and are priced accordingly – MB Web Design typically charges £2000 to £8000 for a customised e-commerce website using CubeCart.

However, especially in the current economic climate, small business owners need a more affordable solution to their online selling needs. This is where Shopify comes in.

Ottawa-based company Shopify offer small businesses everything they need to run their own e-commerce web storefront in exchange for a low percentage-based fee.

What will it cost?

  • Shopify’s fees can be as low as $24 USD per month. Further pricing details are described on this page.
  • Your payment provider (such as Paypal or Google Checkout) will charge a percentage on each transaction.
  • MB Web Design’s fees for setup of your website, including a bespoke template, start at just £500+VAT.